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F&S Heating Oil Payment Options


Payment Options For Oil Heat Customers

At F&S Petroleum, we make it easy for our New York City and Westchester friends and neighbors to pay their heating oil delivery and equipment service/installation bills.

How to Pay for Your Heating Oil

We proudly accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, debit cards, checks, money orders and cash.

Heating Oil Price Protection

Customers who have enrolled in our price protection programs have saved hundreds of dollars on their heating oil bills! You could, too! Take a look at the programs we offer, including the pros and cons of each, and then call or contact us. We are happy to discuss your heating oil price protection options with you and help you find the program that best meets your needs and budget.

Fixed Price:

You lock into a set price for a specific amount of gallons for a period of time.

Fixed Price Pros: You are protected from increasing fuel costs; you will know exactly how much you are paying for every gallon of heating oil.

Fixed Price Cons: If market prices go down, you do not benefit because you are locked into a set price until your contracted gallons have been exhausted.

Market (or Posted) Price

On the day of your heating oil delivery, you will be billed the F&S Petroleum market rate per gallon, which will be directly related to that day's market price as determined by the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange).

Market Price Pros: There are no fees; discounts are available for many customers; if prices are lower when you purchase your heating oil, you will receive the lower price; you are not locked into a price.

Market Price Cons: If prices are higher when you purchase your heating oil, you will receive the higher price; you are not protected from price increases.

Specials and Discounts

You can save money off your heating oil bills with our special discounts. Click here for more information.

Want to know more about our convenient heating oil payment options? Please contact us.

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